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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year Resolutions

Rowan Berries in the Snow
When I first started my jewellery-making studio I had a lot of time to make pieces for exhibitions and shows because I had no customers taking up my time! Now I have managed to build up a number of customers but I no longer have time to make exhibition pieces. Of course it would be wonderful if all the exhibition pieces I made, I sold to my customers, then I would be able to have my cake and eat it, so to speak. Sadly it doesn't seem to work that way ...yet. I still hold out hope that I can turn things around.
Meanwhile, as I do every New Year, I am making a few 'rules' for myself and my art practice:
  • stop selling on consignment at places where my pieces don't sell quickly, the pieces are just languishing there
  • take some 'retreat' time to focus solely on ideas
  • say no to repairing other peoples jewellery - why is this so difficult to do??
  • stop worrying about worrying too much
  • stop spending so much time on the computer
  • stop spending so much time on Etsy, it is like a time-sponge and is only a small part of my business
  • realise I can't do everything I want to do, so something has to go - this year it is less downhill skiing, and less knitting-group get togethers
  • spend more time just wondering and thinking with my sketch book open in front of me
  • stop thinking about money and how I need more of it
  • get out of the production work head space whereby it is all about time and price

Well, I expect I could think up a lot more rules but as I said I must cut down on computer time. Now I am going to the work bench to see what gee-gaws I can clear away to make room for those exhibition pieces in the works.