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Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday was a difficult day in the studio. I've been working on the juried show piece for Influx Gallery in Calgary - I'm doing a ring and I was working on the shank. I had an idea in my head and just launched into it in sterling, and it turned out much too heavy and big, but at the same time a very small finger size. Also the rolled texture I had chosen was not right. I was using the hydraulic press to form it and it is very touchy and easy to over do it.

Anyway I very carefully cut it apart, re-rolled it and cut out a new narrower shank and started again on the press and all seemed to be going well when I got over confident or something and pressed the damn thing until it was as small as a bead. I couldn't believe I did that!

I knew I needed a break at that point and went and had a cup of tea and a peanut butter sandwich. Then I just sat down again at my bench and started all over again with fresh silver, and this time it worked out well. I was super careful. I am really appreciative of the fact that either by nature or by practise I am able to work this way - with patience and calmness! Though sometimes it really is a test...

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