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Saturday, March 13, 2010


There are many great things about being an artist, you are your own boss and you can ultimately organize your life however you want in your quest to satisfy your creative urge. Then again there are some not so great things, like being your own employee and not earning much money. Yesterday, despite a full slate of TO DO, I decided to go skiing. Various reasons - I felt like it; 20cms of new snow; John, my husband wanted to go (he is the best person to ski with bar none); I knew I would be working all weekend. It was an easy decision, I didn't feel guilty, I had fun and I was too tired to write this when I got home.

I used to organize my working week quite rigidly a few years ago, and although it would change with the seasons, it would basically be set out for the winter or summer and not change for months at a time. Since John started working at a new job that requires him to use the car and do a 24hr or 48hr shift away from home I have found it easier to tailor my work week to his. We have one car between us, so now I work at my home studio while he works away - I have complete peace and quiet and few interruptions - then when he is home I can take my 'weekend' with him and go skiing.
I think this works for me because of all the previous years I put in being disciplined about work. Here's a great photo John took a year or so ago at our local hill, Red Mountain.

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