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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Again & Back to Work

Well my best laid plans about keeping up with my blog while I was away came to nothing. Apart from having too much fun I found that I wasn't really up to the technical challenge - a weak kind of answer to many I'm sure! Being a very visual person and assuming that you all are too I didn't want to write posts without adding any photos! Just couldn't get it together to add photos directly from my camera and got a bit stumped adding them directly from the internet.

I'm keen to get going again in my studio and with general jewellery business, a month off really does work in terms of making everything fresh again. First of all I am teaching a beginner jewellery class at Selkirk College in Nelson BC next week. I did this last summmer and loved it. If any of you are toying with the idea of teaching I would definitely recommend trying it, there is nothing like it for tweaking the way you do things and for learning from others.

What I mean by this is that when you are explaining a method to beginners, whether in jewellery or anything, you have to really know why you are doing it that way, because someone is sure to ask. This really helps you with self-knowledge and gives you a sense of strength in your way of working. Connected to this same thought is the possibility of learning from everyone even someone who has never done jewellery before. As all the students in the class are adults they bring ideas and thoughts about many things with them and it is always interesting to hear what they have to contribute, you just never know what someone will say!
Blue Quadrangle Earrings

So go and teach and keep an open mind with you on what you the teacher will learn!

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