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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exhibiting Work

See what happens when you make a resolution to do more exhibition work...blogs get neglected! I do have that smug feeling of well-being now, having accomplished what I had on my to do list - start a whole new body of work and complete two new exhibition pieces. Something had to give as I said in my last post way back in January, and it turned out to be this blog!
As far an entering exhibitions I would encourage anyone to do so - it is a learning experience. Here are some things that I have learned from exhibiting my work in the past:
  • Making exhibition work is very different from making production work for me, no time and cost restraints, very freeing, but also very demanding as there is no excuse for mediocrity.
  • Working to an unbendable deadline - find out if you work well under last minute pressure.
  • Working with a group - can you be part of a team putting on the show together, can you take instruction from the group leader?
  • Solo show - will you crumble under the pressure of doing it all yourself or is this your dream?
  • Can you handle the picky details of labelling all your packaging materials, giving precise instructions on how to display your work, handing over your work to others to display?
  • Will you be miffed if the image of your work you submitted is not chosen for the show poster?
  • Will you enjoy the opening party or do you hate these kind of events - too many big egos?
  • What will you do with your unsold exhition pieces?
Lots to ponder. Meanwhile if you live in the Kootenays come along to Connections Materialized at the Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar March 11 to April 24. Come to the opening party on March 11 at 7pm.

Beachcomber in sterling silver and found objects


  1. Thank you for listing the considerations of exhibiting Anna. Having no experience of exhibiting, you have provided me food for thought. This is an exquisite piece - the balance and symmetry is perfect. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks Sylvia, this blog was hanging in the balance, but I didn't want to write it unless I felt I had anything worth saying. I feel better now, thank you. Please let me know if you start another blog.

  3. I did start another Anna. My original blog derailed. I began, intending to write about my art, but sidetracked. The new blog is solely to do with my jewellery journey.