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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Architectural Inspiration

 A building or a brooch in silver?

Modern architecture has an amazing affinity with jewellery despite the great difference in scale,  Frank Gehry designs both art forms successfully. Not that I am comparing myself to Frank Gehry but I originally studied architecture at University College London and now many years later I design and make jewellery. Maybe it is something about the sculptural qualities of both that transcend the difference of purpose.

Lately I have become more inspired by architectural forms, feeling perhaps that I should broaden my inspirational source pool. I have been scouring the internet for pictures of architectural forms, collecting pictures on Pinterest for later perusal. On a day in London yesterday I looked around me as I walked the streets at the buildings that go up constantly. Many seem to be a straighforward box, but as I walked past the new Tottenham Court Road tube station I saw it as a beautiful curving brooch with grid pattern in silver.

I am sure I won't abandon my love of natural forms altogether but it feels refreshing to have a new favourite subject for a while!

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