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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Juried Shows

One of the things I have been musing on lately is the subject "Fiat Lux" meaning - let there be light. This is the theme of a juried jewellery exhibition at Influx Gallery in Calgary that I am planning on entering a piece for. I have been with Influx Gallery since they opened and they have been fantastic in the number and scope of the exhibitions they put on. They are also incredibly professional and nice to deal with , which isn't always the case with galleries.

I had an idea for Fiat Lux right away that inspired me, I feel like I want to keep it secret until the piece is done though, I'm not sure why. What I need to work on is the actual design and how my idea will work, whether it will work in fact, and how much I want to spend on it in dollars. Of all the pieces I have ever made for juried shows only a few have sold, but I think it is incredibly freeing to make a piece with absolutely no thought as to whether anyone will like it or anyone will buy it. I aim to do one or two pieces like this a year, I wish it were more but I need to actually make a living.

I will show you the piece when its done, but until then it remains in my head, and sketch book. Now I must get on with it as the deadline is in April and we all know how time speeds up as the deadline approaches.

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