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Friday, March 5, 2010

Not Working

I think of myself as fairly disciplined when it comes to my jewellery business. I have been doing it long enough that I have a routine that works. I can always find something that I feel like doing even when I hardly feel like doing anything at all. However this past week has been somewhat difficult and the result is that I've done very little at my workbench, desk or computer. A combination of having a family member staying (learning to snowboard), a friend from Montreal coming into town for just a day (I must go skiing with her), lots of domestic stuff that had piled up to Everest proportions, getting the car fixed and I could go on and on.

However the good thing is that although I have little to show for this week in my hands I can always be thinking about new ideas, new designs, interesting shapes, forms and textures while I am doing other things. I haven't been able to jot anything down in the big black book but I do have all sorts of things circling around in my brain that are sure to emerge as jewellery at some time.

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