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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party Anyone?

Do any of the jewellers out there do parties to sell their work? You know the kind of thing - you invite a group of friends and acquaintances around and each of them brings a friend too, the jewellery is displayed and tried on and hopefully some pieces are sold. Is this way of selling still happening? Or do people prefer the open studio events?

There is no reason the party idea would only work for jewellery artists, it could work for ceramic artists, felters, textile artists, any artist in theory, but I wonder if it has a 'cheap' kind of feel to it, maybe because we associate it with cheaper mass produced products - think Tupperware!

The reason I'm pondering this is because the other night a friend invited me to a dinner party with other people I knew well, and I took some pieces of jewellery along. I had intended to just show them to her as I knew she had not seen any of my new enamel work. Everyone at the dinner was interested and I sold two pieces. This is great of course, but I felt a bit uncomfortable, as if I was doing the hard sell on my friends. I wondered if a selling party would feel like that too.

Any thoughts anyone?

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